Big Changes to Our Mobile App

Phoenix Rodden
March 28th, 2024

Note: Kolide Mobile is only available for organizations using our Device Trust for Okta solution

We’re excited to reveal a major Kolide Mobile update. This update introduces management of your Kolide device registrations, a UI refresh, and under-the-hood changes to prepare for new features coming soon!

Manage Kolide device registration

After your device is registered, the initial screen of the app is now a list of your devices registered with Kolide.

A screenshot of the Kolide Mobile app. It shows a list of devices with corresponding icons and names.

The new device list screen

Approve or deny device registration requests

If you have a pending registration request for another device, you can approve it right from the list.

A screenshot of the Kolide Mobile app with a pending device request at the top of the list. The pending device list item has approve and deny buttons.

Unregister other devices

By tapping on a device in the list, you can see some basic information and unregister the device from Kolide. You may not unregister your current device with this method; on the dialog for the current device, that button will be absent.

A gif of the Kolide Mobile app device list. A device in the list is tapped and a dialog opens from the bottom of the screen. The dialog contains a device image, recent authentication information, and an unregister button. The dialog then closes

An example of the device details dialog with an unregister button available.

Where’s my registration list?

The previous initial screen was the list of registered organizations. This screen is now accessed by tapping the icon in the app bar, in the upper right of the screen.

A cropped screenshot of the top app bar of the Kolide Mobile app. The icon on the right is highlighted to indicate the button to press to open the registrations list screen.

Pressing the rightmost icon in the top app bar opens the list of registered organizations.

UI Refresh

The app now has a top app bar, which displays the name and icon of your active organization registration. The majority of Kolide users are only registered to a single organization, so for those users this bar will never change.

We’ve standardized components and colors across the app, including the introduction of Dark Mode!

Dark mode

Dark mode currently syncs to the device appearance setting. This means you will only see a dark UI if your device is set to always be in Dark mode or has a scheduled time to change to Dark mode.

A screenshot of the mobile app's device list screen, split into two halves. One half is displayed in dark mode with a dark-colored background and light-colored text, the other half is displayed in light mode with a light-colored background and dark-colored text

On Android, the setting for Dark theme can be found under Settings app > Display. On iOS, the setting for Dark appearance can be found under Settings app > Display & Brightness.

What’s next in Kolide Mobile?

This release isn’t just the changes you can see; we also made architectural improvements to prepare for the next big feature in Kolide Mobile: Mobile Checks!

We know many of you have been waiting for this, so we’re happy to share that this is the focus of our mobile team for the next few months.

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