Device Checks

Kolide has a multitude of checks to help you measure and achieve your organization's compliance and security goals.

Achieve your security and compliance goals with ease.

No SQL Queries to Write
User/Okta Driven Remediation
Security Training for End-Users

You can use Device Checks to...

Find and Securely Store 1Password Emergency Kits

1Password Emergency Kits usually contain the account's secret key and maybe even the master password. It's important that they are secured.

Find Non-Genuine Windows Installations and Activate Them

Non-Genuine Windows is highly correlated with malware infection and the presence of other pirated software.

Find and Secure Plain-Text GitHub 2FA Backup Codes

Github Two-Factor backup codes are as good as real passwords. It's important that they are secured.

Block GitHub Copilot

Github Copilot can put the IP rights of your code at risk. You may want to block engineers from using it.

Find Macs With SIP Disabled and Enable It

SIP protects Macs by preventing them from running unauthorized code. It should be enabled.

Ensure Ubuntu’s Unattended Upgrades Are Turned On

Enabling Unattended Upgrades ensures critical software on Ubuntu remains patched automatically. It's a must-have.

Find Unencrypted SSH Keys and Encrypt Them

SSH keys are commonly used to sign into servers, push code, and verify identities. It's important they are password-protected.